Our 2018 Plans

January 2, 2018

Happy 2018!  I hope this year is everything you hope it will be.  2017 was an epic year for us and will be hard to top, but we’re pretty sure more great adventures await.  Every place has something to offer.  You just have to find it.  Before I jump into this year’s plan, I want to share the 2017 favs.

2017 Favorites

IMG_20170518_183639947_HDR (1)

Favorite Photo

We enjoyed some beautiful places and spectacular views, but we both agree that this photo was the favorite taken at Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park in British Columbia.  In fact, we have it in a little frame in the bathroom, and Pat has it as the screensaver on the laptop.  It was Pat’s idea to get the edge of the motorhome in the shot just to prove we were really right there.  It looks fake, but it was oh so real.

Favorite Camping Spots

I say it this way because the campgrounds themselves may not have been the favorite in amenities or sites, but the places certainly topped the list.  This is so hard to choose, mainly because all the locations were so different, so we picked from the lower 48, Alaska and Canada.

Lower 48 – And the winner is…. Steamboat Rock State Park outside of Electric City, Washington.  I said when we arrived here that I’d be happy if that was as far as we got.  After all the places we went in 2017, that still holds true.  Absolutely gorgeous, with hiking, wildlife and breathtaking views.  Check out the Steamboat Rock post for details.

Alaska – We almost have a tie here.  I say almost, because we both vote for Williwaw Campground in the Chugach National Forest for peace at the foot of a glacier, but brand new K’Esugi Ken Campground in Denali State Park cannot be beat for the majesty of the mountains. (check out the Portage Valley  and  The High One posts for these two)

Canada – This is a hard one, too, since we were lucky to spend so much time in our friendly country to the north.  Hands-down it has to be Norseman Adventure RV Park in Atlin, BC.  This is the one we love not for the park itself, but there’s no denying location, location, location.  Rock glacier, float planes, stunning views, and a charming little town.  Being “off the grid” was truly a bonus. (Switzerland of the North)

And just like that the year is over and we look ahead with anticipation for what 2018 has in store.  Bitsy got all new shoes for the occasion, and Lucy had her rims and tires detailed, so we’re ready to roll.

2018 Master Travel Plan

There are a few anchor points in 2018, so we just have to plan the parts in between.  Of course, you know how we like to change the plan as we go.  Don’t hold us to this too firmly.


We’re still in Winter reservation mode, and set with 3 locations to make sure we have a place to be.  First up, Kickapoo Cavern State Park outside Brackettville, TX.  (Our current location and numero uno on the brand new 2018 travel map)  From here we go to Seminole Canyon SP near Comstock, TX.  Finally, we head to Maverick Ranch RV Park in Lajitas, TX to be close to Big Bend – National and state parks.


Still at Maverick Ranch until mid-month.  Then we head to Davis Mountain SP in Ft. Davis, TX, departing on the very last day of February.  Stargazing anyone?


We have three days booked (the max you can stay in a row) at Hueco Tanks SP outside of El Paso, TX.  Looking forward to another sacred Native American spot with petroglyphs and we’ve already got our tour and hiking passes booked.  From here we’re crossing our fingers and having a little faith that weather will cooperate.  Heading north into New Mexico for stops at Brantley Lake SP outside Carlsbad and Oliver Lee Memorial SP in Alamagordo.  Carlsbad Caverns and White Sands National Monument are on the must-see list.  At this point, reservations end, but we have plans for stops in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos on into April.


More New Mexico and at some point we’ll head into Utah to catch some national parks.  I visited Bryce Canyon as a teenager with my parents and would love to re-visit that one.


More Utah and hopefully Grand Junction, Colorado.  I follow a crafty blog written by a GJ resident and her photos look spectacular.  So, it’s on the “list”.  We’re finally to an anchor spot and a holiday weekend which requires reservations.  We’ll be back in Cheyenne, WY over Memorial Day and for Pat’s nephew Tyler’s high school graduation on June 1st.


Adding the state of South Dakota to the mix to visit the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore.  Another anchor point during the 4th weekend for Pat’s family gathering at Rush No More RV Park in Sturgis.  More SD until month end.


Moving on up into Montana since we missed it in 2017.  Hopefully no fires this year.  We’ll spend the 4th of July at Lewis & Clark Caverns in Cardwell, MT. (holiday reservation)


Finally we’ll get to Glacier National Park since we bypassed that, too, in 2017 due to fires.  From there we’re loosely following in the footsteps of another traveling couple’s previous trip, and will head west to Washington state.


Washington and Oregon are on the list.  I’ll likely fly from Portland back to Florida for a crafty weekend with my buddies Barbara & Patti later in the month.  We do need Labor Day reservations, but we haven’t gotten that far just yet.

October & November

We’ll be making our way south and catching Northern California and Nevada on our way to our winter reservations.  Lassen National Park is on the list for a California stop.


Christmas in Tucson this year!  We have this booked, and just need to work on the rest of the winter.  Ah, but that’ll be 2019 and a little too far out to think on just yet.

That’s the current plan and subject to change.  Sound like fun?  We’re open to rendezvous-ing with friends and family along the way, so if any of this grabs you, let us know.  We can make you an anchor point and set a date!  See you on the way.



8 thoughts on “Our 2018 Plans

  1. Wow what an itinerary! Have fun. If you get a chance when in SD go to Custer SP (Samantha worked there for 1 summer). They have the begging burrows and wild buffalo roaming around. They are too funny also around there is(not sure what it’s called) the new monument for Crazy Horse? I was there about 5 years ago and they were still blasting the mountain to create a memorial to Crazy Horse.
    Have fun


  2. Whew! Another exciting year on the agenda! I saw a special about South Dakota and the Crazy Horse monument….yes they are still working on it according to the program I watched on Smithsonian Channel.
    I am excited to see the pics and read the blogs for 2018! How Fun!


  3. Hi–Loving your blog still. When you get to Oregon check out the state parks, especially La Pine near Bend. That is a neat town, not too big and lots to do there.Be sure to see the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. Also on the coast, near Bandon, The Bullards Beach state park is very nice. In Bandon the information center gave us excellent information for various day trips. Right now I can only remember they were great and not expensive just cannot remember the names. Check it out!! Happy travels.


    • Hey Linda! Thanks so much. We’re busily plotting our course for the Fall and will add these to our target list. Really looking forward to the Oregon and Washington coasts. Hope all is well with you. You guys hitting the road again anytime soon?


      • We have a trip in February to Charleston and Glen St Marys area and then in April to the Keys. No long ones but we are talking about Minnesota and The North east in the Fall to see the leaves.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Linda! Very nice! We haven’t really seen much of Minnesota and definitely haven’t done a leaf trip. Pat wanted to do the Keys before we left the state, but all the parks were full with snow birds. Enjoy Charleston. If you head out West, let us know and maybe we can rendezvous.


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