We’re Judy & Pat and blogging to share our RV travels with family and friends.  Everyone keeps saying we must have a blog, so here we go!

Judy retired from corporate America on 3/31/16 and loves to travel on her terms.  Airports and hotels are so exhausting after all.  She is a native Floridian and grew up with some RV travel with her parents in George, the Champion motorhome.  She has great memories of travels out West, particularly to the Grand Canyon.  Judy has one sister (or seester as they both say).  She’s lived in Florida, Alabama (for grad school), Virginia, Texas, back in her home state of Florida, and finally Missouri.  Hobbies include hiking, card making, reading, and blogging.

Pat was born and raised in North Dakota and has one sister and three brothers.  He was a machinist mate on a nuclear sub, and spent his career in electrical engineering before retiring to be a stay at home Dad and help care for Judy’s aging parents.  He has lived in North Dakota, Florida, Connecticut (Nuclear training), Virginia, Texas, Florida, and finally Missouri.  He is the total handyman and in his words builds “functional ugly things”.  Judy says yes to the functional and most definitely the UGLY.  He’s an avid reader, into electronics and truly loves to be near the ocean.  Sailing is the newest passion, but sadly the sailboat had to go to make room for RVing.

Judy + Pat began in 1987 when they met as part of a wedding party.  Best man and maid-of-honor and the rest, as they say, is history.  They have one son, Ethan, who is pursuing his passion for all things biological and viral.  Think up any dread disease and he can likely tell you all about it.  He graduated from Rutgers in May 2016, and began his pursuit of a PhD in molecular and cellular biology at the University of Maryland in August.  Pat says if he achieves that level of education we’ll never be smart again…  But with any luck he’ll make remarkable discoveries in influenza research – his particular focus.


Judy, Ethan & Pat on Thanksgiving Day 2015

Jackson was our four-legged traveling companion (100 lb black lab) until the summer of 2020.  We’ll miss his love and devotion as well as trail-doggin’ it as we liked to call it.

Charlie is our fat cat and does not approve of RV travel or at least not SLEEPING at night in the RV.  She has been banished from travel and moved with Ethan to grad school (don’t feel bad – it’s his cat after all)

We started our official full time RV travel as of January 2017.  For three years we made our way around the country in our 2010, 30-foot Itasca Sunstar dubbed Lucy, with our toad – a Ford Fiesta named Bitsy – an itsy-bitsy car.

As of 2020 we’ve dropped back to seasonal travel and will be spending our winters in Springfield, Missouri near family.  Our plan is to travel for six months and hang out in our little apartment for six.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Judy,
    I’m so glad to see you enjoying your dream!!
    My husband retired in September. I’m still working.
    We moved from Jacksonville to a quaint, rural town just SW of Jax. and love it!!
    I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Christmas 🎄 and New Year!!
    Best Regards,
    Nina Rodenroth


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