Cloudland Canyon

June 28-30, 2020

This spot has been on our list since we acquired Lucy back in 2014.  It was just a little too far a stretch when I was still working, so had to wait until we had more time.  Well guess what?  We have more time and all the regular plans went out the window.

On The Way


It was a quick trip from Huntsville, Alabama to the peach state.  Georgia is on our minds and welcomes us!  We’re getting spoiled with these short travel days.

Cloudland Canyon State Park

Cloudland Canyon State Park has a Rising Fawn, Georgia address which conjures up all kinds of cute spotted images for me.  It’s also on the edge of Lookout Mountain and a bit steep to get up to the top, at least driving big Lucy.  I let Pat do all those tricky drives and try not to look down or mention the lack of shoulder on the road.  These are the kinds of drives when Mom would threaten get down in the floorboard if Daddy didn’t quit looking around while he drove.  Those were the days.


The best view in the park and they even say so in the park brochure.  So unexpected, but that’s north Georgia for you.


Hemlock Falls wins the “favorite in the park” award.  Very few people to avoid and a lot less screaming.


And this shot of Cherokee Falls to explain the screaming comment and why we liked Hemlock so much better.

Hiking the West Rim Loop Trail formerly touted as one of Backpacker Magazine’s top ten in the US.  It was pretty great.

And the other trail.  So, do you think that big rock looks like a turtle or dinosaur head?  We have a difference of opinion although a little girl on the trail agreed with me.  Dinosaur of course.

And “the littles”.  Proof of my new obsession with fungus as promised.

French Fries

This was the stop where we experimented with the Ninja Foodi Grill and perfected our french fry cooking.  Steak fries with avocado oil were the bomb.  No photos since we scarfed them down so fast.  Move over Instant Pot.  We’ve got a new favorite gadget.

And that’s it for the quick stop in a beautiful spot.  We’ll be back.

Next Up: Our happy place – Cardinal Ridge Farm in Franklin, NC.  See you on the way!

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