Monte Sano State Park

June 26-27, 2020

This was a quick stop on our way east, but one we really enjoyed.  Monte Sano State Park is technically “in town”, but didn’t feel that way on top of the mountain in Huntsville, Alabama.

Dinner Out!

You know how much we love dining out, so you can imagine how COVID quarantine really cramped our style.  I will say I learned to cook a few new things and we managed to recreate most things we really like, but we can’t touch the wood grilled chicken at Carrabba’s.  Oh how I love it.  Anyway, after winding our way up the mountain and getting settled, we went back down to town for an errand or two and opted for dinner actually inside.  We were hoping that dining at old-people-4:30pm would thin the crowds and it did.  All the staff had masks on and we were spaced out nicely.  We enjoyed the bread and dipping oil and I had my chicken.  I don’t remember what Pat had, but he’s easy to please.  And we finished it all off with cheesecake and tiramisu (my absolute fave dessert) to go.  We worried about the whole experience being in a bigger city, but it turned out fine and we remained healthy.

North Alabama Japanese Garden


Monte Sano State Park is home to the North Alabama Japanese Garden, so we took a stroll.

Ahhh so peaceful with the biggest zen garden I’ve ever seen


Any idea what kind of flower this is?  Just gorgeous.  Sorry for the blur, but Crunchy is still out for repairs.

Hiking the Trails

Since the zen garden was a short walk, we set out on a hiking trail next.


You can’t beat a waterfall, especially one you can walk right up and touch.  We don’t discriminate against waterfalls.  Big or small, we love them all.


And the complete waterfall view down the trail.


The overlook.  I just didn’t realize you could get a view in Huntsville.


Finally, “the littles”.  Pretty fuzzy yellow thing similar to a bottle brush.


How about these mushrooms that look like neon orange golf tees!  I think that’s going to be my new hobby – learning about the fungus among-us.  Stay tuned for probably more mushroom pictures than you really want.

So that was our two days in Huntsville.  A nice spot and we have it on our list to return one of these days.

Next Up:  Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia.  See you on the way!

2 thoughts on “Monte Sano State Park

  1. This virus is a pain in the butt! Love your photos. Do you know that you have taken over 3585 photos? I copy them in folders. If you ever lose them, you know where there is a back up. I’m a photo nut job. Have been scanning all my old photos for years. It’s a lot easier to look at them on the computer. Keep having fun. Take care.


    • Oh Nancy! We laughed and laughed about you archiving all our photos. Love that you did that. If you only knew how many I really have. I reserve the best ones for the blog, but there are thousands more where that came from. Glad you are enjoying the pics. I’m so happy to have my camera back, so the photos will improve again shortly.


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