Our 2020 Plans

January, 2020

Happy 2020!  May this year be everything you hope it will be.  2019 was year three for us on the road, and we’re happy to slow it down and ease into part-time travel.  So far, we’re loving our little one-bedroom apartment and city living.  We’ve found a church, grocery store, some favorite restaurants, and have all new doctors.  Next we just have to get our Missouri driver licenses and Missouri license plates for Lucy & Bitsy.

Before I jump into this year’s master plan, I’ll share the 2019 faves.

Favorite Photos From 2019

The Ones We Both Agree On


Niagara’s powerful Horseshoe Falls


Skyline Drive and the beautiful Smoky Mountains


And I think the best shot of the year – from Clingman’s Dome

Pat’s Faves


Superstition Mountains at sunset


Baby owls in Colorado


We were in a New York state of mind.  Sunset in Sodus Point.


Cascades in Copper Falls State Park, Wisconsin


Another cascade – Smoky Mountain National Park

Judy’s Faves


Split Rock Lighthouse – Minnesota’s fabulous North Shore


Devil’s Bridge – Sedona, AZ



Dusk at the Soo Locks


Playing tourist in DC with Dee & Mom


Mom and her baby

Jackson’s Faves

All his favorite things – kids, swimming, rolling in the dirt (when wet!), dog friends, his boy, the helpful ramp and tearing up stuff at Christmas.

Memorable Moments

Amorous donkeys, wet boots & most fun hike we’ve ever had, biking Grand Canyon’s South Rim, windshield repair, head nets, Devil’s Lake, broken dryers, dead battery, raccoon rescue, and finally, Home Sweet Home!

2020 Master Travel Plan

This year we’ll finally make it to Yellowstone.  In fact, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons are the focal points, and everything else is just falling around those two spots.  Add in some repeat stops in Canada, one foray into Alaska, and end with a trip down the The Great River Road.  That’s our six month trip in a nutshell.

January – April

By the end of January we’ll have completed a whirlwind trip to Florida to empty out our small storage unit.  I finally have a place for my grandmother clock again!  We plan on visiting Lane & Jimmy on the way along with Lisa & Al.

Lots of maintenance is on the agenda including a new set of tires for Lucy.  Ethan & Stephanie are flying here in March to visit us new Missourians, and I’m headed to Florida for a crafty weekend and to see some dear friends and family, too.


On the 15th we leave for the summer with stops planned in Missouri, Nebraska (Car Henge), and Wyoming.


Two different campgrounds in Yellowstone and a whole week in Grand Tetons National Park.  Then we re-visit Montana, Idaho (our fave spot Coeur d’alene), and the Seattle area.


Back to British Columbia to see Prince Rupert and then on to Hyder, Alaska.  We missed those bears fishing for salmon last time and hope to see them in action.

August – September

Yukon Ho!  And then it’s back to my very favorite spot from the Alaska year – Atlin, BC.  From there we’re back to Jasper and Banff National Parks in Alberta and crossing our fingers that we don’t have forest fire smoke to spoil our views.  We round out the month of September in North Dakota to visit a few favorite state parks and Pat’s friend Greg.


We embark on The Great River Road starting in Minnesota at the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River.  Our travels will take us to Kentucky and Louisiana, our two new states for the year, ending back in Springfield, MO in time for Thanksgiving.

And then what you ask?  Well, for 2021 we have our eye on some pretty sweet cruises (Hawaii or maybe across the pond to the British Isles) and there’s also that exciting event where Ethan becomes Dr. Iverson.  We’re keeping our options open for the year with that in mind, but hoping to sneak in the rest of the New England states we don’t yet have and possibly some Atlantic Canadian provinces.  I’m sure it’ll be grand whatever we manage to do and see.

Next Up:  More posts from the Ozarks and side trips here and there.  See you on the way!