November 10 – December 31

I haven’t completely abandoned the blog.  Just took a short hiatus while we got all settled into our new home in Springfield, Missouri.  We’re loving the apartment and being so close to family.  We’re making the most of it celebrating all the holidays, taking walks in the park, making day trips and losing all kinds of money on family game nights.  Plus Jackson has “cousins” to play with and they have back yards.

The Weather

This is definitely not Florida folks!  They have what’s called seasons here and we have landed ourselves smack in the middle of Winter.


You may recall that we left our last stop in Tennessee a day early to avoid traveling in the snow and ice.  It was a very good call.  This is what it looked like in town on that first day.  We did manage to see a few apartments before we called it a day due to the icy roads.  On this particular night the low was 10 degrees with a windchill of -2.  What have we done?!


Jackson didn’t mind the snow, but he did have trouble with the ice.  For those few really crunchy days, we had to break out his boots for his tender front paws.


Even North Dakota Pat learned a new trick in this weather.  For the icy nights, you stick your windshield wipers straight out so you can scrape the windshield easier and they don’t get frozen to the car.  Of course the doors were frozen shut, so the wipers were the least of the problems.  Brrrr.



Now this is why we’re here.  These are the moments you just don’t want to miss.  Pat’s sister Dee takes Beau to the nursing home for visits and this was his Thanksgiving getup.  You know what he’s thinking don’t you.  “I hates you I do!”


The dogs stayed close by during clean up just in case a morsel dropped.


Of course the meal was good, but the serious dice and card games were the most fun.  We all have our own pouches of change for the betting portion of the program.  We win some and lose some, but mostly lose with this crowd.  Here’s Pat’s sister Dee, her husband Kurt, sister-in-law Paula with her husband and Pat’s brother Rob, Pat, nephew Brandon and Mom.

Uranus, Missouri


Uranus is a real place in Missouri.  They make fudge here (lots of SERIOUSLY inappropriate jokes abound), have a circus side show museum, and general tourist-trap entertainment.  Rob & Paula invited us on a day trip and how could we refuse?

The boys got into mischief here.  Paula made Rob “spread em” in front of the Uranus police car and Pat, well, he’s looking out of an elephant’s you-know-what.

We went to the circus side show museum and saw lots of nasty things preserved in jars and a few real live two-headed turtles.  We also bought some inappropriate gifts and called it a day.

Apartment 118


It was a month of hurry up and wait once we were approved for our little one bedrooom apartment.  A cold month in the motor home, but we knew the end was in sight.  That’s our door – 118.


Once we got in the door on December 10th, the real work began.  Rob & Paula helped us  move in the three pieces of furniture we bought in advance, and from there we went wild ordering the rest of the stuff on Amazon.  Jackson really likes his new loveseat.

Here’s the bedroom, other half of the living room with our electric fireplace, and the kitchen.


I even manged to set up a “craft room” in the space where the washer and dryer would go if we had a washer and dryer.  Seriously, I’d rather have the space since the laundry is literally two doors down.


And yes, there is permanent plumbing!  I think that wins out over everything.  We can now take long showers and not worry about dumping tanks.  It all goes down the drain never to be seen again.

Dolly Parton Stampede

We heard about the Christmas show while on the road and knew that was the one thing we wanted to do for Christmas.  So, we kidnapped Pat’s mom and headed to Branson.


Our seats turned out to be prime real estate on the front row in the Dolly Parton Stampede South Pole.  It was a little odd getting a full meal at the 3pm show, but the food was delicious and we didn’t have to figure out our way home in the dark.


The show was tremendous and they had the best live nativity I’ve ever seen.  The wise men came riding in on real camels and the shepherds had a live herd of sheep.  I’d love to see it again.

Christmas Festivities


We spent Christmas Eve at Rob & Paula’s.  Almost all my photos came out blurry, so this is really the only one to share.  Dee and Mom model their very festive attire by the fire.


Christmas Day was was at Dee & Kurt’s and Jackson kept the elf ears on for one brief moment in time.  He mostly just wanted to tear up boxes and rip up wrapping paper.

It was great fun with more food, games and of course piles of presents.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for updates in the new year as we get new licenses and tags for the vehicles and officially become Missourians.

Next Up: The 2019 recap and sneak peek at our travel plans for 2020.  See you on the way!