Top of the Rock

October 24-28, 2017

Back in Springfield from our quick junket to Maryland, and back in our RV home.  We wondered what it would be like in a hotel room after over nine months of full-timing.  We found ourselves sitting in corners because we weren’t used to such space.  We could let the water run as long as we wanted in the shower, but other than that, we’re happy being back in Lucy.  Our tiny house is still the favorite.

Top of the Rock

For this stay in Springfield, we have some time to do a little sight-seeing in the area.  My friend Catherine recommends a trip to Branson to the Top of the Rock and it sounds perfect.


A great view of Table Rock Lake awaits.  This is the goal on the Lost Canyon Cave & Nature Trail.  For this trail you get a golf cart and ride through a cave and past waterfalls and rock formations.


And away we go.


This is really a beautiful place and the rock layers never end.

Here’s the entrance to the cave complete with a bar for imbibing while you drive past the cave waterfalls.


They were decorated for halloween, so we had a little fun with the decorations that distracted a bit from the beautiful spots.

A few more views from the trail.


Waterfalls, waterfalls, and more waterfalls.

The Spoiling of Jackson

We were so grateful to Dee and Kurt for watching our baby puppy for the week.  It did come with a price though.  They spoil their three dogs rotten and Jackson was included in the routine.  Dee cooks up chicken every night to add to the food bowls.  Beau, Sophie and Taz let Jackson join the fray as long as he let them get first dibs on the treats.  And now that Jackson is back with us?  He expects some sort of meat topping for his kibble.  He loved it at their house and I think he would have happily stayed with them.

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield & Lunch

Jackson needed a new place for walking, so we took him to Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield.  It has a nice long driving loop with stops along the way with historical battle information and short trails.


I didn’t take many pictures, but did shoot a few of the colorful leaves.

After our walkabout we looked up a close-by lunch spot.  We didn’t realize it but we found a permanent food truck.  Turned out to be some of the best sandwiches we’d had in a while.  The cook carmelized the cheese on top of our sandwiches and they were delicious!  We ate in the car with Jackson and passed him gooey cheesy bites.


If you’re ever in Battlefield, MO, stop by the BillyNeck Food Station and sample some great sandwich creations.


Before we headed out of town, Dee & Kurt took us to 1984, a vintage video game arcade in downtown Springfield.  My old favorite is Moon Patrol and I won at that one.  Pat won all the shooting and race car games.  I tried my hand again at Qbert – still stink at it.  I also played a little Pac Man and Frogger.  It was like being transported back to the 80s and tons of fun.

Ah but winter is still chasing and I think it finally caught up with us this time.  The weather is dropping into the 20s at night and we have to disconnect our water to prevent freezing of the lines.  It is definitely time to head farther south.

Next up – we’re back in the Lone Star State.  See you on the way!


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