Under a Minnesota Sky

October 8 – 10, 2017

Since we went so long without great sunsets this summer, we definitely appreciate a good evening show.  Our Minnesota lakeside spot was just the place and provided all the best colors for our viewing pleasure.

When A Cop Knocks On Your Door

I knew that would get your attention.  Sure did for us, too.  But let me catch you up first.  We bid farewell to the family in North Dakota and made our way to Minnesota.  We didn’t have an exact plan for our trip from this point, so I researched a spot that wasn’t too far from Thompson, ND.  Sauk River Park in Melrose, MN looked just about right.  A lot of towns up north have city campgrounds that are typically quite nice and you just put money in a fee box to stay the night.  This one was right on the river and looked good, except for one thing.  The sign going in said the season was only until October 1st.  Hmmm.  It is now 10/8.  There’s another camper in the park and water & electric connections seem to work fine.  We decide to set up camp since it’s just for the night.  Not like we’re going to be rousted out by the cops or anything…..


See how pretty it is?  And yes, a nice policeman did come knocking after an hour or so.  He confirms that the season is now over and we’ll have to go.  We can stay the night, but that’s all.  We assure him that was our plan all along.  Apparently that other camper has been there for a while and has yet to vacate after being asked multiple times.  Sounds like a bad scene, and we mostly definitely head out first thing the next morning.

Lake Byllesby Regional Park

Thanks to a former work buddy, Carla, for the Lake Byllesby suggestion.  It’s a regional park, but unlikely we would have found this gem on our own.  It’s just perfect for a two-night stop and they are indeed still open.


A grand lakeside spot and practically empty.  We do love the shoulder season!

We’re just south of the twin cities and on the reservoir forming the largest lake in southern Dakota County.


Nice walking trail for Jackson, too.  He’s checking out the water flowing away and Pat is checking out the dam.

More pretty Fall foliage and the area’s first frost of the season.  Bitsy had the white stuff on top.  We just loved this view right out the front (dirty) windshield with a little mist on the water each morning.

We even entertained a guest on the second day.  Carla’s husband Rick came to visit since they have the exact same motorhome.  A fun coincidence that Carla and I discovered as we were chatting about plans before my retirement.  Anyway, Rick got the “grand” tour and Jackson got right up in his lap for the whole visit.

That Minnesota Sky


Lovely purple and pinks on our last night.  A nice Minnesota farewell.


Just a tranquil spot, and as you can tell, we hardly shared it with anyone else.

We know we haven’t done this state justice and we’ll be back one of these days.  Meanwhile, we’re ready to head south.  That first frost is signaling that it’s time to go.  Next up – Iowa, John Wayne & bridges.  See you on the way!


4 thoughts on “Under a Minnesota Sky

  1. On ur last post u talked about the beet harvest. Made me remember that I was working up there and stayed in grand forks during the beer harvest. Trucks everyday and always got an update on radio how many beets came out of the ground each day. Merry Christmas to u and pat and jackson


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