Rocky Mountain High

I know that title sounds like a cliche, but it’s such an apt description of Colorado, particularly the Denver area.  We traded farmland views for the beautiful Rockies.  And my dad loved John Denver, so there you go.

Colorado – Epic Journey State #6

Yes, we’re clicking off the states now and they’ll come fast and furious from here on out.  By this time next month we’ll be out of the country!  As for Colorado, we made a stop at the welcome station and then an overnight stop in Seibert, CO at Shady Grove Campground.  A small, but friendly little place that was just right for a rest before pushing into greater Denver.


Cherry Creek State Park

This almost week-long stay isn’t about sight-seeing, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t show you the sights from this fantastic state park.  We had a view of the Rockies right from our campsite even though we’re right smack in the middle of Aurora, CO.  Turns out it is a pretty big burb for Denver.  Wind your way a mile or so out of the park and bam!  You come face to face with a subdivision, McDonald’s, gas stations, etc.  If you don’t listen too hard for road noise, you’d think you were truly in the middle of nowhere.


View from the campsite – zoomed in a bit, but spectacular!

Here are a few more views I thought were also pretty good.

Of course the most amazing part of this park is the fact that the wildlife is plentiful, even with all the traffic and human chaos so close by.  We came back to the motorhome after dark the first night to find a group of deer feeding right by the door.  They had even turned on the motion-activated porch light.  Weren’t the least bit afraid of us or even Jackson.  They strolled through the park regularly day and night.

We spied an interesting bird the first day.  One I had never seen before.  I called it my zebra bird.  Turns out they are Magpies and they do live up to the name.  Chatter, chatter, chatter all day and they seem to be very busy and nosy.


Not the best shot, but all they would cooperate for during their busy-ness.  These birds have a really long tail and it looks almost green in the sunlight.

Easter With Pat’s Family

We normally spend Easter with my cousins and extended family in Florida.  Although I missed seeing them, it was great to spend the holiday with Pat’s family for a change.  Pat’s brother Dean, sister-in-law Terri and niece Rachel hosted us for Easter dinner.  His mom even drove down from Cheyenne to join in.  Nephew Brandon came over, too.  We had a scrumptious ham dinner with all the trimmings plus pie and ice cream.  Jackson was even invited over so he wouldn’t have to be alone all day at the motorhome.  He really enjoyed a fenced yard and lots of attention.  Our apologies to their cats who were relegated to the basement for the day since Jackson is a perfect gentleman with people, but not cats.


The “boys” talk it up in the yard.  Jackson is passed out after taking all the stuffing out of his new Easter chicken.

The ladies chat on the porch.  I think a good time was had by all and it was nice to just sit and relax with the family.  We love all the adventures and sight-seeing we’re doing, but visiting the family on their home turf while sleeping in our own bed is awesome.

More Family Fun

Before Easter, we were able to join Dean, Terri, Rachel and Brandon at a fund-raiser dinner at Rachel’s school.  We were even lucky enough to be here for one of Rachel’s lacrosse games.  We had fond memories of watching Ethan play lacrosse and really enjoyed watching our first ladies lacrosse game.  They are tigers, but can’t whack each other with the sticks like the boys do.  Thank goodness.  Even so, during the game prior to Rachel’s, there was a tumble and one gal broke her leg.

We enjoyed lunch together after the game and got done in time to meet Pat’s mom and pick up our mountain of Amazon packages.  We went on another ordering binge and had them shipped to her house.  She hauled them all down for us since I begged.  Looking for that part to fix the shower!

Queen of Peace

Pat and I opted for the Easter vigil mass this year and it was a lovely service at Queen of Peace Catholic Church.  I have to mention it since it was quite an experience.  It lasted almost 3 hours, but that wasn’t the most noteworthy part.  We got there early and had great seats, but got up like most people to watch the candle-lighting outside and process in with our candles.  Our seats along with every other visible seat were taken when we got back in.  I admit, I was annoyed, but we stood at the back wall behind the back pews to make the best of it.  Into the first few readings, a gentleman in a pew directly in front of us had some kind of medical emergency.  His family member looked us right in the eyes and said she needed help.  I pulled out my phone, dialed 911, gave the church address, and then handed it over to her.  After the paramedics arrived, she returned the phone, I gave her a hug and Pat says “now we know why we lost our seats”.  Made me cry, but it was exactly what I was thinking.

Lunch With Brandon

Denver was a great stop since we got to visit with multiple family members.  Brandon is Pat’s oldest nephew and son of his sister Dee, who we saw in Springfield.  He’s lived all over the place and is well connected.  We had lunch with him after all the Easter hubbub was over.  Turns out he knows the manager and got the food portion comped.  He and Pat talk computers, finances, movies, books, you name it.  There’s never a lull in the conversation.


Here we are saying our good-bys.  Good selfie, huh!  Brandon took it of course.


Always chores and this stop was no exception.  We had a few “developments” during this stop to report.  Actually the first one occurred in Seibert.  The AC completely froze up and wouldn’t cool.  Pat had to get out my hair dryer to thaw it all out.  He thought he knew what caused it, so he implemented his “fix” and we were keeping and eye on it in Denver.  Happy to report that the AC is working just fine, so no worries there.  I know you wouldn’t think that’s a big deal, but our coach is dark colored and heats up quickly in the sun even if the outdoor temp is cool.  We have to make sure the indoor temp stays cool for Jackson when we are away, so this is very important.  Whew!  At least we don’t need a new AC unit.  I’m sure those are cheap….

Then chromebook #2 did not awaken after I made the last post.  Dead as a doornail.  So off we go to Best Buy for another one.  Actually two Best Buys to find the same one again.  I say #2 since our first chromebook got crunched in the RV slideout during one of our first trips in Lucy.  We decided it was a good thing in disguise since we liked the new one so much better.  So join me in welcoming chromebook #3 to the blogging world.

We also spent some quality time in line at Petco to get two vaccines for Jackson.  He’ll be overdue by the time we get to Canada, so we needed to get them updated to make sure we can enter the country.  They are fussy about that.

Speaking of Alaska, we were advised that quality rain gear is a must if we’re spending any time at all there.  We are guaranteed rainy, icky weather at some point, and we don’t want that dampening our sightseeing experiences, literally!  So, off we go to a local sporting goods store and now we both have waterproof jackets and pants.

And the update you’ve all been waiting for.  Two words – HOT WATER!  Yes friends, Pat was able to replace the shower faucet apparatus and we now have water so hot I actually had to turn it down this morning.  Halleluia!  The full-timing lifestyle is saved and I can shower without my teeth chattering.

That about wraps it up for Denver.  We’re bugging out in the am and headed for Wyoming to spend a week with Pat’s mom, brother Jamie and nephew Tyler.  See you on the way!





4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. So sorry I didn’t get to join you guys at the lacrosse game. I figured it was more important to keep my germs to myself. Don’t want you getting sick during your adventures. – roxanne (terri’s sister)


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