Lovely Lake Charles

Arkansas turned out to be another state we’ll have to re-visit one day.  Two days is not enough time to see much.  But the campground was so pretty, we just simply didn’t want to go anywhere else.

The Scene Change

We leave the state of Mississippi for a short trip through a tiny snip of Tennessee.  The bypass around Memphis was interesting.  Apparently quite the transportation hub for goods.  Trucks, trucks and more trucks rolling to and from the rail yard.  Huge cranes lifted the cargo containers off the train and onto trucks and vice versa.  I’d only noticed these in ports before.  Saw that famous FedEx hub, too.  Seems anything you send FedEx has to go through Memphis.  I think it’s a rule.


On the drive we also marveled at the change in the terrain.  Gone were the woodsy looking Mississippi roadsides and in their place were some pretty soggy looking fields.  Lots of farm land and we’re thinking we’re now in the Mississippi floodplains.


Crossing the mighty Mississippi into Arkansas

Three states all before lunch!  We got an early start since I wanted to hit Memphis after rush-hour and before our lunch break.  Had to set an alarm – ugh.

Lake Charles State Park

This Lake Charles is located in Powhatan, Arkansas and you travel a windy road with little to no shoulder for about 6 miles to get there.  We met a “wide load” truck on the way there and Pat pulled off – sort of.  I’m doing deep breathing since the ditch is oh so close.  I’m not sure I’m going to make it in the Rockies if this is any indication!

Anyway, once you get there, simply paradise.  The ranger changed our site to the better one since they weren’t sure we’d fit in the original assignment.  Turns out it was the best one of the loop and after the first night, we were the only ones there.  Just like our own personal heaven right by the water.

Such nice views.  We spent a lot of time just sitting listening to the birds and looking at the lake.  It was a heavenly spot to work on the blog.  I only got up to walk over to look at the turtles and scare them into plopping back into the water.


My friend the Aflac duck came by to visit, but snubbed the offering of fish food I had saved from another stop.  I guess that just wasn’t good enough.


Mr. Duck made the sunset shot, too.  In the distance during the day we had a great long view of the lake and the farm silos in the distance.


Walkabout & The Camp Store

Jackson and I took an early morning walk on the Butterflies and Blooms trail.  No butterflies, but plenty of blooms.  We’re on a pretty sweet travel path to see the peak blooms of the redbud and dogwood trees and have been since Alabama.  I give Mississippi credit for the best highway redbuds, but this campground has some good ones close up.


They also have a camp store here complete with an ice cream freezer.  Yes, that pleases Pat immensely, but I’m also eager to try the lime sherbet push-ups.  They call this flavor Frog Spit.  In spite of that name, they were very tasty.  We did NOT try the flavored dried crickets.


This is really a thing and they come in 3 flavors – sour cream & onion, sea salt & vinegar, and bacon & cheese.

The Scene Changes Again


I hated to leave Lake Charles, but we must mush on to make our scheduled stop in Springfield, Missouri.  We set out and make a turn almost due North that takes us through this cut through the rocks.  Looks totally different than the rolling hills and farmland we just saw further South in Arkansas.  Ozarks here we come!

A bit about this picture.  I’ve told you about my remedial navigational skills.  Well, just before I took this picture we had to make a turn – to the RIGHT to go North.  Well I’m saying turn left here and Pat is saying LEFT?  Are you SURE??  I say yes, LEFT!  Well on the left is a guardrail, steep drop-off and no possible place to turn.  Oh yeah, I mean RIGHT!  The brain was thinking the right direction and the mouth was saying the opposite.  Fortunately Pat verifies in these situation since he knows I have this tendency.

It was a very windy travel day, but fortunately we missed the worst weather.  Just buffeted on the road and the drive seemed much longer than it was.  Some days are just that way, but we did make it safely to our destination.  Next post will be all about Springfield and yet another new state – Missouri!

In other news, Pat has lost the wedding ring once more, but found it when he stepped on it in the middle of the floor.  And during this super windy drive, we lost the wi-fi booster antennae.  Sounded like a billiard ball rolled off the roof and we looked at each other.  What was that?!  Pat went up on the roof at our lunch stop and confirmed the loss.  Oh well, if it isn’t one thing it’s another.  See you on the way!


8 thoughts on “Lovely Lake Charles

  1. Hey Judy! Yall are funny! If you get back to Arkansas after your trip-try Petit Jean State Park…we used to camp there when I was a wee one…they had fabulous bluegrass festivals every year. Haven’t been there in AGES of course, and things may have changed, but beautiful views of the Ozarks! Safe travels on the road again! Love your blogs!


  2. Gorgeous pictures! Be safe- more weather coming through. We have a large driveway and a safe room if you come through Tulsa and need shelter:). Of course we would welcome a visit also!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You can have my share of crickettes. Ugh! I have a few friends that mix up right & left turns. So we just say turn your way or my way. Safer. Keep having a great time.


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