One Mississippi, Two Mississippi

I must give credit to my friend Barbara for this title.  Not two seconds, but rather counting off the two nights we spent in the crooked-letter, crooked-letter state.  Too short a time to do such a lovely state justice, but it’s all the time we had to keep on schedule with the epic journey.

Wall Doxey State Park

Our stopover in Mississippi was in Holly Springs at Wall Doxey State Park, named for a Mississippi Congressman and US Senator.  We’re guessing the park was quite a gem back in the day, but it’s showing its age.  It was built in 1935 and is in need of some TLC, but still a very peaceful place to stay in a natural setting.  Just our style.  It even has a modern frisbee golf course and Pat tried to talk me into a game.  The weather was a little nasty on and off or I would have given it a go.  Can’t throw a frisbee to save my life although thinking the trees would’ve helped me out.

Anyway, Mark, a former co-worker, comes here with his family and suggested we walk all the way around the lake.  That’s just what we did.  I thought we’d overdone it with Jackson, but he made it after all.  He also managed to plop down in some pretty yucky lake muck to cool off, and thus earned himself a bath when we got back to camp.  Stink dog needed one anyway, so it was all good.


At the beginning of the lake walk and we’re still “fresh”.

A few favorite views from the walkabout.  Back to an interesting cypress swamp, the big uproot and luck ‘0 the Irish to ya!  I wanted the moss and blue flower together and the clover was just a sweet little bonus.

I mentioned that the park was a little crusty.  I think some of the construction does go back to the Hoover days as my Grandma would say.  Made for some good shots, too.

These steps are doing pretty well if they are as old as I think they are.  Loved the weathered boardwalk, too.  Moss and lichens covered the buildings, trails and posts – good misty, moisty feeling in the morning.  And at night?  Complete and utter darkness.  So much so that it scared the dog and he didn’t want to sit out by the campfire.

Holly Springs

No photographs please!  Well, I will say I was in the moment and didn’t want to take any, but really just lazy.  The town has a quintessential square that was used in filming a movie.  We ate dinner at a quaint little place right on it.  The dining area had rooms just like your formal dining room at home with the antique furniture to go with them.

I read all about the local sights from our Mississippi welcome center brochures and determined that we needed to go to Phillips Grocery for their famous hamburgers.  The burgers were pretty good and I supplemented mine with fried okra and corn bites.  Never met a fried okra I didn’t like!  Washed it all down with a grape Crush and remembered the grape Nehi we used to get in Alabama at reunion time.  This place was a cross between an old-fashioned soda shop and a potential Pickers treasure trove.  Old signs, old bottles and other jumbles right alongside the 4 tiny tables.

This town also boasts an Antebellum home tour and we likely saw many of the stops in our short drive around.  Worth a look if you are in the area.  I also have this place on my list if we are ever in the area in September.  Apparently the hummingbirds migrate through here and they have a festival.

Holly Springs has character, history AND a super Wal-mart – every RV full-timer’s dream.  Really we’re are not Wal-mart fans, but you can’t beat them for having absolutely everything but the kitchen sink and a place to park beastly large vehicles.  This spot gave us a chance to stock up on our provisions and caffeinated beverages.

Back Up The Truck

I realized that I missed a few tidbits from the Bham stop, so here goes.  Another first.  I’m happy to report that I was able to get my hair cut and colored by a little gal in Pelham, close to Oak Mountain.  She did a great job even if it wasn’t my Debbie from “home”.  She even showed me pictures of her 3 dogs.  People are so very friendly in these parts.

We also managed to kill a little time at a mall in the Bham area and found ourselves a Brookstone.  We were in the market for a birthday gift for our baby – soon to be 23.  Mission accomplished and while we were there, Pat & I tried out the 3-D goggles.


I’ll just tell you.  If you want to look like an idiot, just try a pair of these on in public and wave your head around.  Oh, wait,  I didn’t mean Pat.  He looked perfectly normal….

Speaking of our baby turning 23, we’re making sure to keep up with him as we travel.  Our current modus operandi is to text him when we leave a spot and then again when we arrive.  We figure that way when we go missing, he’ll know where we were last seen.  Seriously, just seems like a good idea.  He’s doing well and deep into his research at University of Maryland.  He’s decided that Charlie is a good cat since she never scratches him and snuggles at night.  I think she’s turned out to be good company in spite of her naughty ways.


Our boy and his kitty


I also realized I didn’t share the best picture from our waterfall hike at Oak Mountain.  I showed you the steep climb up and down, but we felt fortunate when we saw this trailhead marker.  Strolling along one minute, a rolling bloody mess the next?  I love that someone had a sense of humor naming the trails.

Back In Forward Gear

So back on the road, and we have a new sticker on our travel map.  Actually we have 2 since we’re now in Arkansas, but that’s for the next post.  Loving the Spring weather here, especially since it looks like it’s already heating up in sunny Florida!  See you on the way.


4 thoughts on “One Mississippi, Two Mississippi

  1. Judy,

    Ethan in that picture looks just like you, Wow. Still having fun I see continue the “Good Times”. You also need to try Frisbee golf, I think you will like it. you can always find a course (or make one up) , it is cheep and takes up very little room in the RV.


  2. If u get a chance in Arkansas go to Lake Ouachita State Park. It is a great place to camp and beautiful sunsets on the point. It is near Hot Springs and, of course, the National Park is also fun!!


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