Falling Waters State Park

Time to catch up on the blog and it is a perfect day to do it.  We’re settled in lakeside, and it’s cold and rainy out.  Vader and our propane heater are keeping us toasty, we have a full pantry and fridge, so all is well.  Well, not exactly true.  Pat is back to being the sickie, so staying in suits him just fine, too.  Hopefully this round of crud is short-lived.

Back to State Parks

We love state parks.  So much more natural and usually more elbow room, too.  Almost always trails for Jackson and peaceful.  We tried to stay at a few on our way West in Florida, but drat those snowbirds.  Our plans were flexible, so we snagged what we could and that was Falling Waters State Park.

Falling Waters

This spot boasts the tallest waterfall in Florida.  Before you get all excited, just remember, Florida is known for its sea level, not its tall spots.  Still, the park service is pretty proud of the falls.


Yep, you read that right.  It is 73 feet tall.  But it makes up for height with the dark sinkhole at the bottom and the mossy, fern covered walls.  Attractive in its own secret cavern kind of way.


Walk About

This spot was a good restful pick.  It was my turn to be the sickie so I got a lot of rest and Pat and Jackson had places to walk.  Plus Pat was able to take a field trip and tackle the mound of laundry and buy some provisions.

The Winter Plan

Now that we have a handle on the Alaska epic journey, we turned our attention to the Winter plan.  We learned an important lesson in Florida.  The Winter campgrounds are packed where it is warm, so reservations and a plan are a must.  Texas is the Winter destination, so we’ve been taking it a month at a time.  November is Thanksgiving in Grapevine with my good friend Wendy and family.  We’re planning to fly Ethan in, too.  So, somewhere in the DFW area for November is in order.  Arlington has a nice affordable place and hopefully puts us in the middle of all the folks we want to visit while we are there, so that’s where we’ll be.

December proved to be more challenging, but stay tuned.  We get some good advice at our next stop from our Texas “neighbors” from the hill country.

Pensacola is next on the docket and the LAST Florida stop. See you on the way.


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