Bushnell & The Farewell Tour

We’ve been in Bushnell since 1/27 and gearing up to leave on 2/13.  I’d have to rate this stay as fast and slow.  Some days we were slugs and others found us busy getting things done and being social.  We got to see a lot of people “one more time” and managed to finish off some very important chores.  Long post alert!  You may want to grab a drink and a snack for this one!

Why Bushnell?

Bushnell, Florida is a pretty small town.  Rural with lots of farming, two-lane roads and manners.  You’ll always hear yes ma’am and no ma’am here.  It is also the town where my parents met and went to high school.  They graduated in a class of 13 when it was still called Bushnell High back in the 40’s.  We spent every major holiday here when I was a kid visiting with my grandparents and extended family – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas – you get the idea.

So fast forward and we’re here to get our driver’s licenses and officially become Bushnell residents.  Turns out the RV club that manages our mail service has a campground here and can be used as a legal address to maintain Florida residency.   This is only one of three places in the country for this club.  And who would have thought – Bushnell of all places.  I’m sure my parents would be amused by the whole thing and especially tickled with the full-time RVing.  They loved to travel in their motorhome as well.

Anyway, we now have spiffy new driver’s licenses, updated car & RV registrations and a brand new tag for Lucy.  The legal mumbo jumbo is done and I must say the DMV in this town made it easy.

The second reason for Bushnell was to stay at Sumter Oaks RV Park again and get Lucy, Bitsy and all our worldly goods re-weighed.  This park has a permanent weighing spot, so you can make sure you are safe to roll down the road.  For those of you without RVs, I’ll explain.  Simply put, you need to be within the weight limits in total and for each axle on your vehicles so you 1) don’t have tire blowouts from too much weight & 2) can stop said vehicles when needed.  We weighed last year to get an idea of how much we could cram in and were crossing our fingers, not really sure how well we had done.  Drum roll please……We are 500 pounds under!  That is great news and gives us flexibility with water and holding tanks.

Sumter Oaks

Finally yes, some pictures!  Here are a few views surrounding the RV park.  A nice quiet sitting spot to see the cypress swamp behind the campground.  Cow pastures are on the side with the dog park.  Jackson reluctantly went with me on the photo shoot.  Cutting into his dog park social time you know.


They cypress knees were particularly fascinating.  This group looked like people standing around.  Reminded me of my wooden nativity scene I just packed away from Christmas

The other side of the park has some very curious and friendly donkeys.  Jackson and the baby regard each other one morning.  They were pretty happy with ear scratching, too.


You’ve read as I waxed poetic about the interior Florida views I love.  Well, I can’t think of anything more uniquely Florida than palm trees and cattle occupying the same field.

Bathroom Remodel

You may remember that porcelain toilet we spoke about in an earlier post.  Still love that by the way.  Now the well-traveled sink has joined the fold and we are loving that, too.  As you know, we’re on a mission to tone down the brown, brown and more brown that decorates most all RVs.  The bedroom was complete last year and now we have an updated bathroom, too.

Before and after shots

We joke that we could bathe a baby in that sink!  It is huge, but so much nicer than that plastic little tikes thing we had before.  A bit of painting and no less than 3 visits to the local hardware store for plumbing supplies, but finally complete.

Farmer’s Market & Hatching a Plan

Webster is an even tinier town close to Bushnell and has a great big farmer’s market on Mondays.  We went and could’t believe how big it was.  Nothing like living in an RV to curb your shopping.  No antique furniture, collectibles and auto parts for us.  What we did find was great produce.  This gal sliced off bites of whatever we wanted to try.  We hauled away bags full of avacado, bananas, onions, mango, and the biggest chunk of ginger that I’m not sure how I’ll use up.


Ok, yes, those things next to the ginger are the hands down ugliest fruits I’ve ever seen.  Here’s your learning moment for this post.  Those are called rumbatan, are used to make jellies & jams, and the trees are ornamental.  They had to cut one of these open for us wild-eyed shoppers.  Inside is a whitish fruit that has a taste and texture like the inside of a grape or plum.  It also has an almond-like seed in the middle.  I can’t say that I particularly liked it, but had to bring a few home with me.  Nasty looking suckers, but very high in a variety of nutrients they say.

After collecting our produce, we headed to lunch with friends we met last year at an Alaska rally.  We were all going on the same Alaskan caravan tour, but have since decided we’re each going it on our own.  After lunch, they hauled out maps and we traced our respective routes and hatched a plan to meet up in our 50th state.  We’ll see them again sometime at the end of July or early August.

The House

One more trip back to DeLand to mow the lawn, but more importantly to pre-sign closing documents for the house sale.  We’ve turned over all the keys and are now looking forward to the buyer closing in about a week.  Enough said!

The Farewell Tour

I was able to meet up with my friend Barbara during this stay for a girl’s day of shopping, Starbucks and lunch.  She dubbed this my farewell tour since I’m making the rounds seeing people before our Florida departure.  I’m not saying good-by, but until we meet again – the reunion tour.  We’ll be back eventually, although not in 2017.  Hopefully some friends can rendezvous with us along the way.  I also got to see Deb, my hairdresser, for one last trim.  I told her I’d send her pictures of all my bad haircuts on the journey.  She graciously provided me with enough hair coloring supplies for over a year!

This stop was also a chance to visit with the local cousins who we would normally see at Easter and Thanksgiving (we’ll be in Denver & Dallas respectively this year).  In the Sharpe clan, Patsy is the oldest grandchild and I’m the youngest with quite a few in between.  Patsy is the unofficial organizer and provider of all the family news.   She managed to herd most of us together for a farewell lunch at Cracker Barrel.


Just the cousins – Judy, Patsy, Dale and Peggy


The whole group – Peggy & hubby Mike, Cindy (2nd cousin), me, Dale and Pasty.  Pat even made the picture.  He and the camera are reflected in the window behind us.

Since my parents have been gone, these are the folks we see now on holidays.  Them and so many more of the cousins, friends and relatives down the line.  When I think of family they embody it.  If there is something significant going on in your life and you are family, they are there.  Even to have lunch with us as we drive off into the sunset.  Love them all!

That about wraps it up for this stop.  Next up is Suwannee River Rendezvous on the banks of the famous Suwannee River.  See you on the way!



8 thoughts on “Bushnell & The Farewell Tour

  1. This blog made me think of the last farewell you and the boys had, as you drove off to Florida. So glad you made Texas a stop in your life adventure. Enjoy you next one! 🚐


  2. So happy you are going on an adventure. I’m too attached to all my “treasures”. I did a lot of traveling when I was younger and my dad was in the Air Force for 21 years. Now I go on smaller trips. I’am really enjoying your postings. Have a wonderful time!


  3. Simply love the new bathroom! Kudos to you and Pat once again for achieving on your own what would have us calling a contractor to do. By the way, I have had rambutan fruit in Malaysia and in Hong Kong. I like it. The worst fruit ever is durian. It smells so awful. So if you ever hear or see one, politely say no thank you. So excited for you both to be heading out on your grat adventure. Oh, the places you will go…… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What? You color your hair? I thought that Aunt Patsy, Dale and I were the only gray heads in this family or at least the only ones to admit it:)


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