What Have We Done?!

The House

There is a song that keeps resonating right about now and we keep hearing it on our Sirius XM radio.  It’s ‘Once In A Lifetime’ by Talking Heads.  I’ve never been a particular fan, but you read this snippet and tell me it doesn’t apply to our life right at this moment…

And you may ask yourself
What is that beautiful house?
And you may ask yourself
Where does that highway go to?
And you may ask yourself
Am I right? Am I wrong?
And you may say yourself, “My God! What have I done?”

After painting, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and sorting through and dispositioning absolutely everything we owned, we finally put the house on the market.  We were so very happy to be done with that phase.


1/5/17 – on the market!


1/9/17 – sale pending!

After a fun Facebook bidding war for Pat the butler and Jackson the faithful pup, we had a true bidding war in the DeLand housing market.  Four days and five offers later, we had a contract for $10,000 more than we asked.  Of course we priced to sell, but we had no idea of the madness that would ensue over our humble abode.  We’re even on track to close before we leave the state in March.  This just couldn’t be falling into place any better.  But my God! What have we done!?


I know this is a terrible picture through Bitsy’s dirty windshield into the morning sun, but I just had to get the shot.  Lucy pulls out of the sticks and bricks driveway for the last time.  Momentous, exciting and scary!  We are finally moved out and also moved on.

A whole four miles away, we set up at Clark Family Campground in Orange City.  It proved to be an excellent home base for 2 weeks as we finished up the home prep and worked on the garage clean-out.  Only 10 minutes from home which was helpful when the realtor locked herself out.  And when we had to go back and forth for mail, opening and closing the blinds, and switching back and forth between air and heat.  Ah the fickle Florida Winter.  It was all so worth it for the quick contract.

The RV

But enough about the house.  Bleck!  We are so very tired of it.  Now on to stowage.   It was as if the house threw up into the motorhome.  We had everything in there, but everywhere.  The pantry was a jumble and impossible to find what you wanted to cook.  The storage bays were crammed with the garage contents and Pat waged war getting any particular tool out for a job.  So we sort and we stow and we are almost totally organized.

Our intention was to take a project break, but that darned porcelain toilet kept getting in the way.  It was hidden in a bin in the garage so as not to alarm the potential home buyers.  But really.  How many times can you tote it from the car trunk to the RV and back?

So we decide to install it.  Lovely, flawless porcelain with an almost realistic flush that doesn’t require you to use your hands.  And a sprayer, too.  Anyhoo, Pat is a wonder and installed it and we L-O-V-E love it!  You just cannot live long term with a plastic toilet and hand flusher.  At least we couldn’t.

Ok, so not so fast.  We have never had a project go completely smoothly and this was no exception.  Here’s a riddle for you.  What do you get when you have 11 inches of toilet and 9 inches of space?  A hole in the wall, that’s what.  Yes, Pat had to get out the circular saw and open up the wall for that pesky extra 2 inches.  Picture me with my hand inside an access panel supposedly holding wires away from where he is sawing on the other side of the wall.  I cannot see my hand or the saw, but I can hear it and feel the sawdust.  Nope, not happening.  Letting go because I value all 5 fingers.  All went well, however, and Pat says that’s what trim is for.  We’ll just disguise that hole and it is the start of our beautiful bathroom remodel.  More on that later since the new sink is still riding around in the car trunk.

Time Off For Good Behavior

In between trips to the house, we managed to have some fun.  The people in the campground were quite friendly.  The guy who built this one-of-a-kind motorcycle headed off to the bathhouse and told me to take as many pictures on the bike as I wanted.  Many of you know I have a desire to drive all sorts of things. In the case of motorcycles, I’m going to consider sitting on this one as check, check!  I’m chicken to actually drive one, but this photo shoot was totally a hoot.

Jackson approved of this spot, too.  I think he’ll miss the backyard the most, but this place had a very nice dog park.  He’s normally one to do a perimeter check, leave a little something, and be ready to leave immediately at most places.  This one was different.  They stocked it with some new toys while we were there and it was the first time I saw Jackson try to bury something.  Turns out he doesn’t share very well and wanted that stuffed monkey ball for himself.  He spent some good playtime there and on the grounds as well.  He found a way to do his famous backyard back scratching even on the leash.

Finally we take time out for a nice dinner with neighbors and friends, Chuck & Petra.  This outing is to Bonefish Grill for a delicious dinner and great conversation.  Before dinner, Pat and I took a stroll on the beach to smell the salt air and enjoy Ormond Beach at sunset one more time.

Lovely blue and purples of Ormond Beach

I’ve lived in this area most of my life and had no idea there was a historic shipwreck right offshore.  We walked a different direction this evening and noticed this odd sign post.  It marks the spot of the three masted schooner named Nathan F. Cobb that capsized in 1896.  The ship was on the way to Brunswick, GA and drifted for four days before becoming grounded on a sandbar off the Ormond Beach coast.  Apparently the hull of the ship became visible in May 2004 due to shifting sands and a simultaneous very low tide.  There truly is something interesting everywhere you go.


The Nathan F. Cobb shipwreck marker

 Darth Vader

Before we forwarded the mail and left the house, we took advantage of one or two or three or so Amazon order deliveries.  Yes, we are completely enamored with Amazon and prime shipping.  It saved us when the range went out right before putting the house of the market.  Less than $25 dollars and 2 days later with Prime and we were back in the cooking business.

But I digress.  You want to know how Darth Vader made it into this post.  Well, our last order was for a few things to keep us warm since it is Winter after all and we haven’t been in the motorhome in the cold.  I read about a quiet little space heater in another RVer’s blog and knew it was just the thing for us.  We did a little research of our own and then ordered it right on up.  To me, this thing looks just like it should be saying “Jackson, I am your heater”.  It oscillates to look even more lifelike.  Allow me to introduce the Vader as we are now affectionately calling him:


You see it right?  I know you do!

Not Feeling It Yet

We are indeed living full-time in the RV now, but somehow being almost right on our former doorstep doesn’t feel like a huge change.  We’re thinking we have to actually put a little distance between us and the home front to feel like we’ve made the leap.  Stay tuned as we do leave town for a bit and let you know how we’re feeling at the next stop or two.  Seems the Talking Heads lyrics still ring true…

Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was

See you on the way!




14 thoughts on “What Have We Done?!

  1. I continue to love your posts! The Talking heads song is very apropos for your situation. Music and lyrics capture so eloquently a feeling or a memory. And Vader the heater! It also loks a bit like a cyborg from Battlestar Galactica. Oops! My ‘nerd’ is showing! :). The photos are wonderful. Love the blues and purples of Ormond Beach. The scene looks so very calm yet has a slightly wistful feeling as well. Again, it fits the theme of the post. You know my aversion to the cold weather, but I do love the feeling that winter brings. You and Pat are absolutley deserving of a moment or more to look ‘back’. You two have accomplished more in a year than most of the rest of us will in 5! It is important to recognize that this was your HOME filled with so many memories. A house is a house. And home is truly home wherever you make it. (Another Talking Heads reference – yikes!). So congratulations to you both! And yes, you may be on ‘a road to nowhere, but its alright.’ This is truly ‘once in a lifetime.’ (Hey you started the whole Talking Heads thingy!)


    • Thank you for your lovely comments and unwavering support! We appreciate the cheering section so much. I had no idea how much I would enjoy blogging and Pat even points out things that need to go in my posts. Speaking of Pat, my personal nerd says you mean cylon and not cyborg. He’s never met a sci-fi show he didn’t like. Cheers my friend!


  2. OMG I love the biker babe pic of you!!!! You guys enjoy your life. I wish I could do the same thing that you guys are. I LOVE IT!!!!!!


  3. We are so very happy for you and Pat! God has truly blessed you with good health, the selling of the house and having an RV to take you on all the new journeys. We so enjoy reading about all the adventures and seeing the pictures. So glad you still have your hand and all your fingers, that was brave of you but you are the adventureous one! Love the bike pictures! Miss you guys lots but wishing you the very best with the miles ahead of you now.


  4. Ya’ll are so funny and cute! I have loved the blogs so far, and can’t wait to see what adventures are around the corner! Congrats on the successful downsizing and sale of your home! Truly an accomplishment! I can’t even imagine where I would begin! Love the facial expressions in the bike pics! Keep on Truckin!


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