New Year, New Digs!

So here we are parked in our driveway and sleeping in the motorhome.  We’re not fully moved in, but should be by January 1st!  We are so very excited to be starting 2017 as full-time RVers.

It’s been a busy 2 months since our last trip.  Prepping the house for sale has been the main focus.  Pat essentially replaced the siding on the entire back side of the house.


Here’s Pat working on the chimney with faithful dog Jackson at the foot of the ladder.  (This is where I last saw Dad, so this is where I’ll stay – says Jackson)

I don’t do woodworking, so I was assigned painting detail.  I hate painting and oh, let me count the ways.  I’m also not particularly good at it, but I work for free.  Now that the outside is done, I must say it looks pretty good with the drive up appeal we’re looking for.

Some stats for you on this whole house ditching process –

  • 20 trips to Goodwill (our best guess since we didn’t count)
  • One torn bicep and at least 3 ripped fingernails.  (Ok, I’m the baby with the torn nails and Pat suffered the real injury.  Healing nicely thank you!)
  • Two trailer loads of tools and general house “stuff” from the shed carted off by our very patient neighbor Rick.
  • At least a month of garbage can commandeering.
    • Pat was obsessed with getting rid of all the siding debris – remember the whole back side of the house – and knew one can of garbage a week would not cut it.  We enlisted the help of neighbors to use their garbage can space each week.  So essentially we drove down the street with pieces of wood and extra bags of trash to stuff in the neighbors cans.  Thanks Vicki & Denis and especially Chuck and Petra for this service.  They even texted to let us know when the cans were out and ready for stuffing.  We truly have THE BEST neighbors who we will dearly miss!
  • One curb alert to get rid of the old RV couch we were using as seating in the house – couch was gone in less than 2 hours thank you very much!
  • Bed and 3 folding tables picked up by crafty friend Deb.
  • The rest of the furniture removed by strangers passing by.  They just cannot resist my neon FREE signs.  Everyone loves a bargain and we had some pretty good junk if we say so ourselves.


The last FREE offering – 3 desk chairs, one wooden chair, one armchair and two end tables.  3 items still remain, but it is dark, so they’ll likely be gone by morning!

In case you were wondering, I have 2 favorite “things” that we ditched during this process and they’re in the Goodwill pile for trip # 21….


Yes, my friends, those are the alarm clocks we had on each side of the bed.  Never, ever using them again.  Ha!  Retirement IS grand!

Of course the last  months were not all work and no play.  We had a lovely, restful Thanksgiving at my cousin’s house in San Antonio, FL.


We love the peaceful pasture, curious cattle and a chance to connect with the extended family.  Our first Thanksgiving without Ethan, but we survived.

It was the last Christmas at the DeLand house, so we decorated with Pat’s famous flamingos one more time.

Ethan was able to visit for 10 days and his girlfriend, Stephanie joined us as well.

Our family shots before church on Christmas Eve.

And finally, one of the best reasons to live in Florida in December.  A Christmas Day walk on the beach!  I confess we ran into some rain when we arrived at Ormond Beach, so we just drove South to Daytona Beach for some better weather.

My little montage from the beach walk.

Now we look to 2017 with an empty house and full motorhome.  It has been a tremendous year with plenty to celebrate and we’re looking forward to even more big adventures.

Our “departure date” from the house is January 2nd.  We’re going a whole 4 miles away to a local campground for two weeks so we can stay close and finish off the rest of the house cleaning and listing tasks.  After that we’re off!  We just heard Rascal Flatts on the Roadtrip channel and yes – “Life is a highway and ‘We’ wanna ride it all night long!”  See you on the way!


8 thoughts on “New Year, New Digs!

  1. Congrats on reaching this ‘milestone’ on your retirement project! 🙂 You both win the prize for most productive team this year. Wow. It is a major achievement to do the ultimate ‘declutter’ in our culture of ‘he who has the most stuff wins’. I will honestly say that you two are now my role models in that regard. My New Year’s resolution will be to declutter and ask, “what would Pat and Judy do?” LOL. But, seriously, congratulations and fun, safe, exciting, and fulfilling travels this year. May your year be filled with wonders, beauty, and love. Here’s to reading what is next up for you two around the next bend in the road! Happiest of New Years my dear friend!


    • Awww! Thank you for such a lovely message. We are glad to be nearing the finish line on the house. Likely the answer to your declutter question is “Pat and Judy would give it away”! Seriously, it has been very satisfying to help some other people and give it all away. I highly recommend the Marie Kondo method for declutter. Worked for us! Cheers dahling!


  2. Happy New Year Judy and Pat! I am so excited for you and your travelling adventures but I will miss all those crafty weekends at your house, Mi Mexico and spending time with the family. Hopefully, I will see you in a few weeks but remember that you two are honorary Manatee County residents so you are welcome to “park” here anytime! ❤️


    • We will certainly miss hosting you here, but you can always rendezvous with us in our travels
      We’ll find a new Mexican place or two. As for Manatee County, we’ll definitely be back, just not for a while. The West is calling! See you soon my greater friend! (See what I did there!)


  3. Late on the reply. I must have missed the email. Wow you are on your way! I am so jealous and so happy for you. Me the alarm still goes off bright and early at 4:50am. Can not wait to never use it again, 5 years and counting down.


    • You are not late! We have no deadlines on this end. Well not many anyway. Now we’re more tied to weather than time. Like baby bear – not too hot, not too cold. We like it just right! Glad you have a countdown and it will fly by.


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