Tarpon Springs & Other Tales

We took another drive over that beautiful Skyway bridge on a gorgeous day on the way to Tarpon Springs.  This town is “world famous” and boasts to be the sponge capitol of the world.  I wanted to make the day trip since I remembered it from a visit with mom & dad once upon a time.

The Working Docks

Of course the visit with my parents was soooo long ago when I was a child.  The walk along the docks jogged my memory and the boats moored along the way was what I remembered.  Lots and lots of sponges, too, in all sizes and textures.  Smooth, spiny, bowl-shaped, you name it.

Just a little bit of history for you.  Turtle fishermen accidentally found the beds when they had their nets fouled by sponges.  The commercial sponge industry was founded in 1890 and according to the Tarpon Springs tourist map “was considered the largest sponge port in the US” by 1900.


Catch of the Day

Before we took the dock stroll, we stopped off at Dmitri’s for a Greek lunch waterside.  It has been lovely breezy weather – finally – and we took advantage sitting close enough to dip our toes in the water.  Hummus and gyros were the fare of the day and delicious.  We think the little Greek restaurant in DeLand actually has the best hummus, but we had to try some here.  (Second place would have to be that Mediterranean restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ close to the Rutgers campus)

A nod to my good buddy Sandra and best blog commenter so far.  We would have eaten at your fav – Rusty Bellies – but I didn’t realize it was here until too late.  Next time.


Statue in memory of the spongers of Tarpon Springs

This was the only official-looking historic item on the dock, so figured I’d better take a picture.  Here are a few other fun shots, too –

We decided not to take a boat cruise and just keep it low key and stroll along.  Made our consumable souvenir purchase of Greek spices from The Spice & Tea Exchange.  Also got some Florida Sunshine spice blend that is hopefully good on our fish tonight.  Ice cream is always in order, so we stopped for some orange creamsicle flavor and it was delicious.  One of those flavors that takes you back.  I remember those orange push-ups when I was a kid and it was just like that.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Before we left town, we took a short drive to the Greek Orthodox Cathedral.  I do love old, grand churches and this one has spectacular stained glass windows.  The outside is fairly unassuming, but inside – wow!.


Spectacular sacred space


St. Nicholas


Clouds and Angels

The ceiling with the clouds and angles was so unique.  We were there at the right time for the light filtering through the stained glass.  The prayer books were in Greek and English, so definitely true to the Greek community here.

Ant Tales

Thought we had the ant problem licked, but alas, it’s not so.  I uncovered Jackson’s food (been keeping it in a giant ziploc bag), and within an hour, they were all over it.  Now I think they are coming in through the heating ducts.  Of course we haven’t used heat since the beginning of the year, so it’s a good vantage point for them.  I sprayed them good and so far haven’t seen them again, but Pat is not willing to declare victory yet.  We probably won’t truly be rid of them until we head home.

Tank Tales

Those pesky tank sensors are still acting up.  We also thought this problem was solved with a good back-flushing in both tanks.  I find this to be a scary endeavor since you’re putting water into the tank from the exit point.  Pat does this part while I stay inside and monitor the sensors and holler when it reads full.  Good communication is key since we don’t want to overfill and have a potty surprise.  We really, really don’t.  So far so good and the sensors read empty after the dump.

This morning though, the grey is saying full again and really can’t be.  Maybe toothpaste gooey stuff?  We’re not sure, but still working the problem.  For those of you who don’t RV, this is so very common.  We were just feeling smug that it hadn’t been an issue for us until this trip.  Guess we aren’t above that one after all.

No pictures with either of these last two tales.  I know you are relieved.  I have two more posts coming quickly to get caught up.  Stay tuned for Dog Day Afternoon and Holy Cow!

See you on the way!


4 thoughts on “Tarpon Springs & Other Tales

  1. You had me excited seeing the title of this post. I thought you and Pat had gone Tarpon fishing. Actually excited was not the word… it was more like envious. However this was a very educational post. Thanks!


  2. One of my most fav places! We head there about three times a month! Too bad you missed Rusty Bellies–before you head to Tarpon again, let me know. Steve my friend at Rusty Bellies will take good care of you-a nice table outside in the Tiki Bar along the water! Their hush puppies are delicious-it is hard to stop eating them! I love to walk the streets of Tarpon, it never gets old! Downtown Tarpon also has some cool shops-I took my chalk painting class there.


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