Fort De Soto Park and Other Musings

I really thought I could go out of order and present The Ringling – Part 2, but my orderliness compulsion just won’t let me.  (I can’t skip to the end of a book either.) We went to Fort De Soto Park before the art museum, so you’ll just have to wait for that post.  It’ll be soon.  I promise, since we absolutely loved it.

The Campground

We’ve been told by more than one friend that we just have to camp at this park.  It is a county park and wasn’t on our state park radar.  After our visit, we’re ready to come back and stay a while.  We saw manatees in the canal and also enjoyed some bird and fish watching as we scouted out the best campsites.


I’m not sure what kind of bird this guy is, but he was giving us the evil eye since we interrupted his fishing.

And speaking of fishing, it must have been a very good time indeed.  The fish were jumping wildly.  As you can see – even two at a time!  I just had to focus the camera and click a few times to catch this double jump shot….


The Bridge & The Birds

I do love bridges and the Sunshine Skyway is a beautiful sight.  This day we drove across it to get to our lunch date with Iris & Paul, followed by the trip to Fort De Soto Park.  Great views of the bridge along with the seagulls working hard at fishing.  They were dive-bombing, very quick, and hard to photograph.  There’s also a ferry that goes to Egmont Key from here and we’ve decided we’ll be back for that trip before the month is out.

The Fort

On some level I’m sure I realized that a real fort would be there, but wasn’t really expecting to see canons and fortifications.  They are there and apparently were built starting in 1898 for Tampa Bay as a result of “defense considerations linked to the Spanish-American War”.  You learn something every day.


Yep, real canons here and rifling ones, too.  From our Fort Pulaski schooling we know that means they had some serious range.  It’s crazy since they look like they are aimed to shoot straight up.


Gulf of Mexico from atop the Fort

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day and enjoyed quite the view.  There’s a dog beach at this park, so stay tuned for a day with Jackson.  He’ll be so surprised!

Vulture Update

I’m sure you were intrigued by the vulture sign from the Myakka River State Park post.  Here it is again to refresh your memory –


Only vulture sign I’ve ever seen

I thought I’d give you an update that we learned from some other folks who visited.  There is a flyer that is given out at the park (that we did not get the day we went), and it explains what the vultures actually do to vehicles.


Yum-yum, Eat-um-up.  Someone had a sense of humor putting this flyer together.  Naturalists don’t seem to know why the vultures eat rubber, but there you have it.  They do it, so be warned.

My Ladies

It hasn’t all been sight-seeing the past week or so since the rally.  We have managed to get some RV chores done, too.  We ordered Sirius XM Radio for Lucy and Pat installed the antenna for that along with the wi-fi booster on top of the RV.  It involved drilling a hole in the roof so he only wanted to do that one time.  Jackson was very distressed about that and barked madly.  I’m sure he’s thinking – “What?!  I have to be vigilant against roof intruders, too?!”  Loving the new radio and listening to the Road Tripping channel to get us in the mood to roll again.

Pat also installed a new motion-sensor porch light which is grand.  We frequently get back after dark from dog walks and it is nice to be able to see all the steps getting in.  He also reinforced the back ladder since it had a good bend in it from coming in contact with the eaves of our house (PC for Pat backed into the house once).  Seriously, I think this is the only reason I don’t get more grief for backing into things in Bitsy.  (Yes, tree and car for me, so I guess I can’t say much about the house).

We’ve also been battling ants and malfunctioning holding tank sensors.  We’ve had ants at one other spot, but this time they are after Jackson’s food.  We baited and sprayed and thought we had them licked, but found some more this evening.  The battle wages on.  As for the holding tank sensors, they say full when we know they are not.  Pretty sure we just need to slosh around a bit, but sitting still for a month doesn’t lend itself to sloshing.  We’ll backflush and then get plenty of sloshing on the way home in November.  Meanwhile, we’re just dumping more frequently just to make sure.

And now for my ladies.  This is the best upgrade in my opinion.  We decided that if we couldn’t figure out a way to take our favorite artwork with us, we’d just have to give it up.  Art does not belong in a storage unit.  I was sad about that since I was sure my Bellet’s would not fit on any of the RV walls.  I had a brainstorm, however, and took the canvases out of the frames.  The canvases themselves aren’t that big and fit perfectly on the walls.


Favorite Bellet by front door


My ladies in the bedroom

Now when I wake up in the morning, I see my ladies!  Perfect.

That’s it for now.  I’ll be back soon with art, art and more art.  See you on the way.


2 thoughts on “Fort De Soto Park and Other Musings

  1. I am so glad you liked Fort DeSoto! I love that place too! Yes, you should take the ferry to Egmont, see the lighthouse..there are also fort ruins on Egmont facing the gulf, and lots of good snorkeling if the water is calm! We saw a manatee there as well and he just loved floating around the boats anchored on the gulf side. They are very curious animals and love contact with humans, but just don’t touch them if one comes up to you if snorkeling…if you don’t see the manatee approaching, they sneak up on you in the water…hehe! Surprise! Let me know if you make it up towards Honeymoon or Caladesi Island! I would love to meet you for lunch!


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