Riding the Storm Out

Just thought I’d do a quick post for our friends and family following along on the Iverson adventure.  We left our Bradenton oasis and Lucy so we could go back to DeLand to put up our storm shutters since the category 4 Hurricane Matthew predictions were looking too bad to ignore.  Although we acquired the shutters 10 years ago after the infamous 2004 & 2005 hurricane seasons (Charlie, Jean, Frances, Wilma and Katrina – just to name a few of the worst) we hadn’t needed them since.  Back at that time, we were slowly putting together our hurricane supplies and purchased enough shutters for the key windows – front windows including our large picture window and the the ones for Ethan’s room.  The rest were to be covered with our stash of painted plywood.

Over the years, the plywood stash was pilfered for one project or another leaving us with a hodgepodge of wood.  At least we had enough bits and pieces to cover everything.  The process took longer than expected.  Doesn’t just about everything?!  We had to drag all the pieces out of the shed, figure out what went where and stage it for assembly.  Fortunately Pat had a very nice diagram and numbering system for the windows and pieces.

My main job was to hold stuff while pat put things in place and drilled.  Some previous holes just didn’t match up.  My theory is the house shrunk or at least that big picture window frame did.  I was also wingnut girl handing them over at just the right moment.  It was also time to put away all those little piles of things so they don’t blow all over and cause damage.  You know, the flower pots, garbage cans, bag of mulch, that sort of thing.  We waged war with a hornet’s nest & builder ant convention and were really glad that the catamaran was no longer in the side yard.


Front windows with real storm shutters


Side windows with the wood hodgepodge

Pat says we looked like the Clampetts with 4 different pieces of wood on the back window and I think 5 pieces at last count in the front entryway.

We stayed overnight to finish up the job and then beat a not-so-hasty retreat back to Bradenton.  That 3 hour drive turned into 5 hours with the mass of humanity all trying to leave the East coast headed for the West coast.  At least we were able to get gas without too long a line which made the 10-15 mph crawl on I-4 a little less stressful.

Good news though.  Our great neighbors report no damage, just a few sticks and branches in the yard.  Also, they were only without power for about 24 hours.  That’s a long 24 when you’re in it and thankfully we were not.

We rested up the past two days in the comfort of the AC and I even managed to keep a lunch date with Barbara since the storm was a non-event over this way.


Sunset over Horseshoe Cove

We’ll resume sight-seeing for the next 2 days, then enjoy our rally through Sunday.  After that, we’ll trek back to DeLand to take everything down and see what we think about the food in the freezer.  Heard a really good trick to tell if your food thawed or not.  You put a cup of water in the freezer and freeze it.  Then you put a quarter on top.  If it thaws the quarter will be on the bottom and you’ll know the food is no bueno.  Of course we learned of this trick after we were back here.  We’re going to use the ice bin as our guide and will let you know if the frozen pizza survived.

We certainly hope everyone else made it through the storm as well as we did and had no damage or injuries.  Also hoping this is the last time we have to prep for a hurricane.

See you on the way!



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