Emptying The House

It’s been a while, so thought I’d give you all an update on the great downsizing caper on the path to full-time RVing.  So far this year I’ve retired, Ethan graduated, and we’re less than one week away from our scheduled departure to Vermont and RV boot camp.  In the meantime, we haven’t exactly been sitting around.

Pat drove the Rogue up to North Dakota to get it partway to his Mom’s in Wyoming.  Yes, I know that is not exactly a direct route, but he used the drive as an opportunity to forgo flying, visit some high school buddies, and start the car move.  So, my Rogue is officially no longer in the household.  Ethan also decided to sell the Civic – technically his, but Pat’s car up to this point – and has purchased a commuter bike for grad school.  For those of you keeping count, that puts us at a grand total of 1 for cars!  Pat and I thought and thought and determined that we’ve never had just one car. It’s the itsy one at that.  Bitsy is serving us well, although when all 3 of us ride around in it, I joke that I have a full diaper and not a lot of pick-up.  It’s all about change right?!

Today we cleaned out the attic and took another load of stuff to Goodwill.  Just where does all the stuff come from and why does it still seem to be so much?  We are making progress, however, and can report that all the furniture in the dining room is now gone with the exception of Charlie’s bookcase.


Not sure this really can be called “furniture”, but it serves as kitty’s perch and feeding station.  Can you tell that dinner is coming soon?


Here is the view of the dining room now.  The folding table is my new crafting and computer spot.  I was determined to get one room completely emptied of furniture prior to our 2 month junket, and mission is accomplished as of today.  Of course the computer hutch is still in the driveway with a “free” sign on it.  I am proud to report that our surrounding neighbors and passersby do not disappoint and always cart away whatever we stick out there.  I’m hopeful it will leave in the cloak of darkness.  If not, Pat says it gets chopped on Thursday in preparation for garbage day.  Can you tell we are motivated people?

I promise to pick up the travel blogging as soon as we hit the road next week.  Until then, we’ll be packing up Ethan’s stuff for his move as well as packing up ours for the next two months.  See you down the road!