Home again, home again, jiggety jig

Yes, we are home again after a successful “Alabama Test Trip”.  The test was to find places for all our stuff, organize it better and make sure we could handle longer periods in the RV.  Rousing success on all fronts, although we are worried that all this action will kill the dog!

High Falls State Park

I do need to catch you up on the last 3 stops in the trip to round out our 17 day junket.  We last left you at Stone Mountain Park outside Atlanta and from there took a relatively short trip to High Falls State Park near Jackson, GA.  I say relatively short since we only drove less than 80 miles, but it still took us almost 3 hours.  We stuck to the small roads with stoplights and towns, but avoided the stress of the interstate.

Beautiful spot, but by this point, we are TIRED.  We’re figuring out why 1-2 night stays are not enough to set up, see the campground, see the area and then bug out again for the next stop.  Still figuring out that sweet spot, but I’m thinking 4-5 nights is good.

Jackson’s pictures tell the story:

He’s so still at the campsite that we have to check him for breathing.  Especially since he’s laying right by the road and doesn’t even flinch when cars and trailers roll right by.  Inside the RV he’s not much better – lounging on the couch taking up all the prime real estate.

We have people walking by as we sit outside the RV and tell us – “You know, you can get to the rapids right down there.”  Yes, we know, but we are too lazy to go.  We do muster the energy to hit the trail the next day and Jackson, trail dog extraordinaire, is back on the job.


Jackson & Pat at the dam above High Falls


Worth the hike for sure.  High Falls had a few different views so took a few shots at different clearings.

Reed Bingham State Park

Two nights at High Falls (too short!), but time to move on to our next reservation.  This time we’re at Reed Bingham State Park outside Adel, GA.  We’ve stayed here before, but it was last July.  Let me just tell you, Central Georgia in July is not for the faint of heart.  I believe we spent most of that week hunkered down in the AC and lining the windows with reflective covering to keep out the intense heat.  We looked like we were avoiding the alien invasion.  We also think this is where we picked up the stink bug infestation we’ve been fighting ever since.  So you see, the park is wonderful, really it is, but we didn’t have fond memories.

This visit was much better even if it was for one night only.  The camp hosts were quite festive and I only managed to pick up on one tick. Ugh, I know.  Gotta be vigilant about the bug repellent.


Flamingos dressed for success at the camp host site

Oh and for those of you with inquiring minds, we do think we’ve licked those stink bugs once and for all, and don’t plan to share them with you if we roll up one day.

Although we didn’t have fond memories, Jackson loved this place because of the lake.  We put him on a long lead and let him wade out.  He waggles from head to toe!  Of course there are the customary signs warning of alligators and the “no swimming” signs as a result.  I’m never convinced there really is an alligator of course.


Mr. Gator is indeed here – see upper right just under the tree reflection

We let Jackson splash around for a while and then I look up and see the gator.  Completely silent and not a ripple, just gliding over to see what’s for dinner.


Sunset shot with Mr. Gator in the reflection

No more swimming for J-Dog this trip, but he’s happy and rolling in the tall grass, smelling like wet dog.  We head back to sit around the camp fire and plan our departure.


Sunset stroll back to camp

Homeward Bound

Last stop in the journey is back in the home state at Williston Crossings in Williston, FL.  We wanted to try out a “resort” RV park with the idea of scouting out Wintering places when the house is sold.  Nice campground with lots of amenities and when we have more time at one of these, I’m going to try my hand at pickleball.


A word about the post title.  “Home again, home again, jiggety-jig” was a favorite saying of my mother when we returned home from trips short or long.  Sometimes one of us will say home again, home again and look to the other to finish it off.  I found out in adulthood that it comes from a Mother Goose nursery rhyme.  Look it up if you are curious, but no, we did not go to market to buy a fat pig.

We did, however, drive 1,257 miles total and averaged 6.91 miles per gallon for those of you interested in that sort of thing.

Shifting our focus now to the upcoming college graduation of our son Ethan.  He’ll be a Rutgers grad in three weeks and I have promised a few folks to post about that trip as well.  Pat is driving the car up and I’m flying up with my mother-in-law, so the Lucy/Bitsy duo do not get to go this time around.  I’m definitely hearing Pomp and Circumstance!  See you down the road.





10 thoughts on “Home again, home again, jiggety jig

  1. Hey Judy! Welcome home! We used to say that all the time too! Jiggity Jig! I was always told to expect alligators in all fresh bodies of water in the whole Southeast-which is why I do not swim in lakes or creeks unless they are crystal clear! What a fab trip! And congrats to Ethan! Have a safe trip and enjoy the moment!


    • Ah the stink bugs. We knew nothing about them until they started showing up everywhere in the RV. Unroll the carpet, there they are. They liked nooks an crannies, blinds and storage bays. Turns out there are many, many varieties and they are hard to get rid of since regular insecticides don’t bother them. I think storing the RV and eliminating their water supply did the trick, but took months! At least they don’t bite and just look weird.


  2. Sounds like it was a great trip! Glad that you are home safe. I always say “Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig,” too! But it’s because I loved the nursery rhyme. 🙂 Have a great trip to Ethan’s graduation!


  3. Love the photos as always – and if you were in Williston on Sunday, then we just missed you! Thanks for sharing the trip ‘stuff’ – really really enjoying reading it all. And I also say the ‘jiggity jig’ thingy as well – although not as frequently as I used to do.


  4. So you are saying you did not read Mother Goose as a child?? You my friend were missing out. Did you read them to Ethan? If not he is missing out.


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