Georgia On My Mind

Back To Childhood Memories

Alabama was a great addition to our visited states, but we’re ready to make the short hop back to Georgia and Eastern time.  This piece of the journey finds us on the way to the added-in stop at Stone Mountain Park.  I say added-in, because Pat had this trip all planned perfectly until I say – “Hey, are we stopping at Stone Mountain?”.  Of course he


The mountain carving I remember

had no idea I wanted to go there, but was game.  This is a place of childhood memories for me since I visited with my parents and my grandmother.  I remember that she made it to the top on the walk-up trail and I was determined to do it once more in her memory.


We have a great route planned and it involves I-75, but an Atlanta by-pass at I-275.  Those of you who are from Atlanta or have traveled through are now feeling the foreboding.  I don’t know what I was thinking, but would NEVER direct Pat through that mess again in big Lucy with Bitsy in tow.  Let’s just say it was our most stressful drive ever and we will not do it again.  Atlanta, yes, but will give it a wide berth and zip in with Bitsy for day trips to the big city.

Fast forward to arrival and we are checking in to a very commercial, built-up park that I do not remember from 40 years ago.  Probably because all that wasn’t there 40 years ago.  The only thing the same was the mountain itself.  Anyway, back to check in.  I take Jackson out for his “we have arrived so I must exit the RV and pee” moment and promptly find the Jackson fan club.  A bevy of excited, lovely little ladies that distract me totally from watching for Pat and helping with disconnecting the car and getting to our site.


Jackson and his Stone Mountain fan cub

I really fell down on the job, but have to say that Jackson was supremely happy.  He is just made for kids and they love him.  One of these little gals just lost her puppy love and really enjoyed the doggie loving.

So we get checked and calmed down from the stressful drive and head over to the mountain for the laser light show.  Another thing that didn’t exist 40 years ago that I wanted to see.  Enjoyed that a lot, but was really waiting for the main event – that date with the walk-up trail.

The Climb

We’re at the bottom part and feeling smug and then the grade really increases.  I’m thinking back and wondering how my 80 year old grandmother did it.  She was quite a sport and game for anything, determined and loads of fun.  Still, did she really do this?!

Yes, and we managed to make it, too.  Beautiful day and pretty clear view of downtown Atlanta.  Made it back down, too, and the knees only cried out a little bit.

For those unfamiliar with the Stone Mountain carving, it is of Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee.  A lot of confederate history still prevails and the mountain has an interesting and checkered past.  Plus it juts out of the surrounding area like a giant blister.  I say blister, but it is really a “quartz monzonite dome monadnock”.  Yeah, blister conjures up more of a mental picture for me, too.

The Everyday Stuff

Just a bit more about our trip goals.  We’re testing out organization and storage and really think we’ll have room for everything we need and want to carry with us.  So far, I only miss my kitty and my crafting supplies.  Charlie will relocate with Ethan to grad school, so she’s taken care of, and my crafting supplies have a designated spot.  All good!  Probably the only other things we’ve missed are some cooking utensils and pots/pans, but those have designated spots, too, once the house is sold.

For those of you wondering about the new refrigerator, it has performed perfectly.  We didn’t freeze our veggies and Pat could have glorious ice cream every night.  And it houses our new travel map from my good buddy Wendy.

We’re also working on all the day-to-day living things – Wal-mart & grocery runs all worked out fine along with laundry at two different parks.  A little mixed on the machines.  One park had half of them out of order, but brand new washer and dryer at the last stop.  And only 75 cents a load!  Kinda feels like college again.

Finally, and really important to us, is to attend Mass every week.  We’re finding that to be pretty easy and have enjoyed two very different worship experiences on this trip.  In Montgomery, we were able to catch the Saturday Vigil at St. Peter’s – same name as our home church.  The church dates back to 1834 and had stunningly beautiful stained-glass windows.  Reverent, traditional.

The second Sunday found us at Corpus Christi in Stone Mountain.  They’re in the midst of a building project and Mass was held in their gym in little plastic orange chairs. But, surprise!  They had a guest choir from Ghana.  Lively and colorful costumes and music that just made you move.  Two very different churches, and very different priests – one from India and one from Africa.  I’m finding this part of the journey as rewarding as the sight-seeing, and we never know quite what to expect.

Homeward Bound

We have two more Georgia stops planned, and we’re pooped out.  I’ll save those for the next post.  Hearing “On The Road Again”.  See you down the road!



4 thoughts on “Georgia On My Mind

  1. Sounds like you are having a great time. Think of you often. Hey those are some nice looking sneakers – Grace would be loving them.


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