Little River Canyon

North Alabama was full of surprises.  Now tell the truth.  How many of you knew there was a canyon up there?  We spent 4 glorious nights at DeSoto State Park atop Lookout Mountain in the Little River Canyon National Preserve.  I got my first stamp in my National Parks passport book!

We tested the ice cold pools under the waterfalls, admired the wild irises & flowering trees, and clambered over the fake looking rocks popping out everywhere.  Seriously, from a distance they looked like styrofoam movie props, but up close were full of all kinds of life.  Wish I could remember what I once knew about lichens and deer moss.  I’m sure we saw them both.  The white trail was tricky since some of the lichen spots looked just like the blazes.  We only fell for it once though.  Each of us had to take a turn staking our claim to one of the big rocks on our morning hike.




I wasn’t expecting a ‘real’ canyon, but real it is.  According to the National Park Service, the Little River is “one of the nation’s longest rivers that forms and flows for most of its length atop a mountain”.  It flows through the 12 mile long, 600 ft deep canyon.

Here is little River Falls from the first scenic overlook on the drive around the canyon.IMG_20160415_142311968_HDR

We drove around it one evening and went back the next day to hike to the bottom.

We hiked a trail to the bottom that was labeled “arduous and steep”.  Yes, we second all that and my thighs would agree, especially with the trek back up.  Pat named it Advil Hill anticipating medication later that day.

So nice and cool at the bottom at the Little River.  You can get a sense of the canyon walls in the background.

Not only did we see some incredible natural sights, but also stumbled upon some local talent as well.  Orbix Hot Glass studio is tucked right next to the Preserve and they do amazing work.

We watched the owner, Cal, create one of the orange pitchers.  We could own one for a mere $245.  Beautiful, but not exactly RV friendly decor.  We did buy a blown glass magnet for the new refrigerator.  The cat welcomed all guests and sat in my lap for pets while we watched the glass blowing.  Missing my Charlie kitty, so was nice to get a little cat time.

I’ll leave you with two more falls pictures.  Pat atop Lost Falls near our campsite and me in front of DeSoto Falls.  This was the day I got over 20,000 steps and ate tomato pie.  A local specialty.

Hearing “Georgia On My Mind”, and posting soon about our departure from Alabama and arrival into Georgia.  See you down the road!



4 thoughts on “Little River Canyon

  1. The photos are stunning! Who knew that there was a gorge there?!?! 20k steps – and I feel accomplished if I hit 10k. Sigh. What adventures you are already having. I’m seriously happy for you both that you are having such fun….well deserved!


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