Sweet Home Alabama

Finally adding a new state to the RV travel map, and we are officially in Alabama.  Let me catch you up on the trip so far before I get to the new state adventures.

We left on what we are calling our retirement maiden voyage on 4/6, and stopped off for one night at O’Leno State Park in High Springs, FL.  We’ve been here once before, but I was sick at the time and only saw the RV and the campfire.  It is a pretty cool example of the Florida aquifer and springs system since the Santa Fe River flows through it until it gets to a spot where it goes completely underground.  Flowing river one minute and slow swirling bathtub drain the next.  I took pictures, but they really don’t do it justice.  You’ll just have to see for yourself one day.


Pat and Jackson on the bank of the Santa Fe River.  Happy, happy dog.

We did a little walking around, but not much since it was just a one night stop.  Successful first night and a 3 tick stop.  We rate the stops based on how many ticks we find on us.  Guess we need to say 4 if we count the one on Jackson.  Oh, and trivia fact for you.  The predominant tick variety on this trip was the Lone Star Tick.  Nice little white spot right in the middle of the brown body.  Who knew!?

Next stop was Three Rivers State Park and the site of our very first meet up!  My Seester, Elaine, was able to drive over from Tallahassee to visit for the day.  We had a grand time in the campground along with a great lunch at a tiny place in Sneads, FL.  Best french dip I’ve ever had and Pat was delighted with his hot pocket.  If we stayed another day we would have gone back for the pizza.

After 2 nights in Three Rivers, it is finally off to Alabama.  For those of you who do not know, my mom’s side of the family hails from this fine state and it has some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  I lived in Birmingham in grad school and count it high on the list of places I’d move back to one day.

We crossed into Alabama on 4/9 and made it to our fabulous campsite at Gunter Hill Corp of Engineers Park.  There was a cancellation so we were upgraded to the newer area with a sewer connection!  I know that doesn’t sound terribly exciting, but if you RV, you know you have to dump sometime and its so nice to not have to worry about how long you take in the shower.


All settled in at Gunter Hill

The highlight of this 3 night stopover was dinner at Thom and Jane’s.  Thom is an Abbott co-worker (or should I say former since I’m no longer a worker?)  who lives in Montgomery and offered to cook for us when he found out our first adventure took us through town.  Absolute best hospitality and great steak right off Thom’s Big Green Egg.  They even invited Jackson over so he didn’t have to sit alone in the RV for the evening.  Homemade pound cake courtesy of Jane and Thom was over the top with fresh whipped cream made on the spot.  I’m pretty sure we won’t get a better meal on the entire trip!

Our last day in town involved a little sight-seeing in downtown where we went to the minor league baseball stadium for the Montgomery Biscuits.  Ok, so we are not baseball fans, but when we read about the mascot, we just had to see the spot.  That mascot is Monty the biscuit and his tongue is a big pat of butter.  Unfortunately we are missing opening night by one day, but we’ll catch them next time.  We think we’ll take up watching minor league baseball during our travels.  (Oh and bought a souvenir ball for Jackson)


Pat poses in the bleachers.  They let us sneak in and look around as long as we didn’t go on the field.  I told you these people were nice!

The rail yard and the riverfront was pretty cool, too.  We were able to watch a train go under us from a pedestrian bridge.  A vantage point I’ve never had before.IMG_20160411_142832416_HDR

Also found a post office downtown to mail Ethan’s birthday present.  This trip is all about incorporating regular living with the RV travel, so success!   Found a Publix for groceries, so we can check that task off, too.  Laundry will follow at our next campground stop.  We have a list going of little things to make the RV more comfortable, plus a few fixes since the curtain rod for Pat’s bedroom window fell on the first part of the drive.  Ah, but that’s life.  Not all sightseeing and campfires.  We have a makeshift window covering duct taped to the window frame.  Using that RV fix-it kit from one of my retirement parties already!

I have to say, this time of year is stunning with bright sunny days, not a cloud in the sky (which is SO blue), and wildflowers blooming everywhere.  A little chilly in the mornings and evenings, but we are finding it to be just perfect – shorts and jacket weather.  Tonight the rain has moved in giving us some TV time, and blog time, of course.  Tomorrow we pack up and head North to the Ft. Payne, AL area for 4 nights.

Hearing Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama”.  See you down the road!



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