The Adventure Begins

Our adventure already began two years ago, but we’re preparing for high gear this year after the big retirement day, 3/31/16.  After that, we can travel for as long and as far as we want.

Let’s back up just a bit to catch you up so far.  We have Lucy, our 2010 Itasca Sunstar RV and just added Bitsy, our Ford Fiesta Toad.  We’ve been traveling in Lucy for long weekends and a few week-long vacations since February 2014.  Bitsy just went on her second trip and gives us a bit more freedom to leave the campsites when we want to see the surrounding areas.

We also travel with our 100 pound black lab, Jackson.  He’s a good traveler, but a bit stubborn at times.  He’ll refuse to get back in the RV unless you start the engine and then he’ll trample you to get in to make sure he is not left behind.


We have 3 big trips planned this year to keep the traveling going.  Our big goal is to work on selling the house by next Spring so we can head to Alaska in July of 2017.  We’ll be officially full-timing RVers!  Stay tuned for updates as we go.